Two Initiatives to Foster Local Broadband Solutions

Two new programs will help leaders and local government officials address their community’s needs in practical, efficient, clear-eyed ways, with sensitivity to all the things that make their community unique: the "Urban Digital Equity Bootcamp," (UDEB) and the "Let's Get Going Broadband Program" (LGGB).

  • Modeled after the Tribal Broadband Bootcamp, and having learned lessons from the Digital Equity Leadership Lab and Broadband Accelerate approaches, the UDEB is a two-day event that will develop skills and relationships as well as the needed expertise and partnerships to set and achieve digital equity goals. The UDEB will begin in the fall.
  • The LGGB helps cities and counties struggling to find the best tools and methodologies needed to address infrastructure and digital inclusion. This eight-week, cohort-based program is designed to help local governments, elected officials, nonprofits, foundations, and digital equity advocates orient themselves and develop solutions. The LGGB will begin begin in September.

See more information about the programs here.

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance Announces Two Initiatives to Foster Local Broadband Solutions