Baltimore County Public Library Is Leading The Way On ACP Adoption

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Since the beginning of her tenure in mid-2022, it was imperative to Alex Houff, Digital Equity and Virtual Services Manager, to “establish a vision for a connected Baltimore county and what it takes to make that happen.” To accomplish that mission, she noted three things had to occur:

  • Increase hot spot availability through libraries;
  • Increase availability of connected devices (Chromebooks) for the area’s most socially vulnerable as a priority;
  • Develop an understanding that the first two solutions are short-term and require something more sustainable.

Baltimore County Public Library and partners have incorporated ACP awareness into their existing work through collateral available in our PromoteACP Resource Hub, and the use of our enrollment support tools,, and the Affordable Connectivity Program Enrollment Dashboard. Key activities have included: 

  • Mobile hot-spot and Chromebook check-outs include our postcards along with information on how to access help directly from a representative of the Library. The System has found that many users have at least a mobile device to facilitate scanning QR codes, leading to enrollment assistance.
  • Mobile Libraries carry postcards in English and Spanish to hand out when making stops at Early Childhood Centers, with Seniors, and throughout the community.
  • Co-Location of Events, in conjunction with other local partners, has proven to be an effective avenue to reach eligible households with this helpful information.


Baltimore County Public Library Is Leading The Way On ACP Adoption