2023 Utah School Technology Inventory Report

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In December 2023, the Utah Education Network, in collaboration with the national nonprofit Connected Nation, completed the state’s fifth school technology inventory. This is a statewide inventory of classroom technology and related resources at K-12 district and charter schools across Utah. Key findings include:

  • The device-per-student ratio has increased over time since 2015 but remained the same between the 2021 and 2023 inventories for district schools.
  • Statewide, 7 out of 10 schools (70 percent) report that they deploy mobile learning devices such as laptops or tablet computers to students on a 1:1 basis.
  • Statewide, nearly 2 out of 5 Utah schools (38 percent) offer mobile learning devices on a 1:1 basis and allow students to take those devices home, maintaining a similar rate from 2021 (39 percent).
  • Google Chromebooks remain the most popular type of computing device for students, with schools reporting that more than 594,000 Chromebooks are made available to students statewide.
  • Only 7 percent of Utah schools say that the wireless hardware used in the school is newer than one year old, which is a significant decline since the 2021 inventory. 
  • Wired networking hardware in Utah K-12 schools tends to be even older—with nearly half of the schools (48 percent) reporting that their wired hardware is four years old or older.