Top 5 and bottom 5 US metro areas for broadband subscription

In “Signs of digital distress: Mapping broadband access and subscription in American neighborhoods,” the authors also examine broadband subscription, and find that in 2015, nearly a quarter of Americans lived in “low subscription neighborhoods,” w

Altice USA Broadens Reach of Low-Cost Broadband Option

Altice USA said “Economy Internet,” an uncapped broadband service for low-income households, is now available across its Optimum (former Cablevision Systems) and Suddenlink footprints.

Adoption Persistence: a longitudinal study of digital inclusion impact

The survey effort recontacted 429 past participants of the Connect Your Community project that had participated in a 2012 impact survey and produced findings that show the long-term and continuing impact of high-touch digital inclusion efforts 5 y

Senators blast Lifeline in Hearing

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee held a hearing Sept 14 titled, "FCC’s Lifeline Program: A Case Study of Government Waste and Mismanagement".

Signs of digital distress: Mapping Broadband Availability and Subscription in American Neighborhoods

The internet is now a fundamental component of the American economy, creating new ways to educate, employ, bring services to, and entertain every person.

Needed: A better way to open the doors of digital opportunity

[Commentary] Promoting universal access to modern communication services and the internet, especially for low-income and disadvantaged Americans, is a noble cause and a pragmatic objective worthy of government support, but the Federal Communicatio

Informing Strategic Investment in Digital Equity: Cleveland/Cuyahoga County

Commissioned by the Cleveland Foundation, this report’s purpose is to guide the Foundation's staff and partners as they strategically determine how best to dedicate resources toward digital literacy, internet access and broad technological empower

Understanding the Trend to Mobile-Only Connections for Internet Access: A Decomposition Analysis

Household internet access via a mobile-only connection increased from 8.86% in 2011 to 20.00% in 2015. This paper uses national data to model the propensity of a mobile-only connection via logistic regressions.

Geographic Patterns and Socio-Economic Influences on Internet Use in U.S. States: A Spatial and Multivariate Analysis

Discourse and interest in the digital divide research community is steadily shifting beyond access and adoption to utilization, impact, and outcomes of information and communications technologies (ICTs), particularly the internet.

Three Papers Using NTIA Data to be Presented at Research Conference

Sept 8, three research papers using National Telecommunications & Information Administration's Digital Nation survey data will be presented at the 45th Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy (TPRC) an annual con