Seattle Invests in Digital Equity: Technology Matching Fund Now Open For Applications

Seattle’s (WA) Technology Matching Fund is now open for applications from community and nonprofit groups for grants of up to $50,000 in service of work that improves digital equity.

Broadband is too important for this many in the US to be disconnected

With communities all across the country exploring ways to overcome the digital divide, and with Congress sending clear signals about the importance to address rural disconnect, now is an opportune time to help policymakers and practitioners unders

Digital Divide Isn’t Just a Rural Problem

The digital divide – the “haves” and “have nots” when it comes to internet access and use – is an abiding concern for telecommunication and internet policymakers at all levels of government.

Reaching the Unconnected: Benefits for kids and schoolwork drive broadband subscriptions, but digital skills training opens doors to household internet use for jobs and learning

Not so long ago, “closing the digital divide” primarily meant getting people online, and a steady upward trend in adoption is evidence of progress on that front.

FCC Commissioner Starks' Remarks at Comcast Internet Essentials Expansion Kickoff

I’m pleased to see the expansion of the Internet Essentials program throughout the Comcast footprint to include low-income households that receive government assistance like SNAP, Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

My Plan to Invest in Rural America: A Public Option for Broadband

I will make sure every home in America has a fiber broadband connection at a price families can afford. That means publicly-owned and operated networks — and no giant Internet service providers running away with taxpayer dollars. My plan will:

Comcast Announces Largest Ever Expansion Of Its Internet Essentials Program

Comcast announced it is significantly expanding eligibility for its broadband adoption program Internet Essentials to include all qualified low-income households in its service area. Comcast estimates that more than three million additional low-in

The State of Broadband in America

Half of Americans now have access to broadband at speeds of 500 Mbps or above.

Tim Berners-Lee's 'contract' to protect and strengthen web is taking shape

Back in Nov 2018, as the web was turning 30, it's creator, Tim Berners-Lee, announced that he wanted people to help him put together a "contract for the web" that would help strengthen and protect it for generations to come.

What telephones and television can teach us about the adoption of broadband

Based on the way older technology was rolled out, waiting for organic rates of adoption to close that digital divide is not an option.