Multichannel News

Comcast Boosts Effort to Close Digital Divide for Veterans

Comcast's Internet Essentials broadband subsidy program was initially targeted to families with children eligible for government assistance, but it has been expanded to include low-income seniors (a pilot program in DC) and military veterans in it

Common Cause and Public Knowledge: Broadband Deployment is Neither Reasonable Nor Timely

Common Cause and Public Knowledge have told the Federal Communications Commission that its shift to a progress-based assessment of broadband deployment is wrong and needs correcting ASAP.

Charter CEO: We have a better platform to deploy 5G than cellular companies

Charter Communications Chairman and CEO Tom Rutledge explained why 5G isn’t an existential threat to cable’s connectivity business.

FTC Prepares to Wade in to Digital-Age Competition

The week of Sept 10, the Federal Trade Commission launches a months-long series of hearings on antitrust and competition policy that could change how the government treats some tech companies in the digital age.