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Groups Warn of Downsides to Remote Learning

Over 100 organizations and individuals, led by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, have signed on to a letter warning about the downside of remote learning in the age of COVID-19 and beyond. As some school districts pull back on reopening in person due to spikes in the virus, privacy and other groups are warning parents and schools to "look past simplistic solutions peddled to increase EdTech profits, and find ways to limit students’ time on digital devices." Their concern is the push for remote learning will translate to EdTech companies capturing more children's data, crowd teac

Biden’s FCC: Take a Number

As former Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE) continues to rise in the polls, DC handicappers are seriously pondering who might be tapped for Federal Communications Commission chair in a Biden administration. Candidate Biden has already signaled his FCC will be restoring network neutrality rules against blocking, throttling and paid prioritization, but since it is an independent agency, he will need to pick an FCC chief who “independently” shares that philosophy. Biden has already signaled his vice president will be a woman. Odds are good his FCC chair could be as well.