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Congress can’t ‘fix’ net neutrality with a new bill. Here’s why.

[Commentary] The path to victory for network neutrality supporters requires strong leadership from Capitol Hill — but it shouldn’t include a legislative “fix.” First of all, we have a good law already.

Congress grills Sinclair on 'must-run' content ahead of merger

Members of Congress are pushing Sinclair on the possible effects of its pending merger with Tribune Media, including whether the media company would continue to push controversial "must-run segments." In a letter to the company, 49 members of Cong

Ensuring every community in America has access to high-quality broadband

[Commentary] Broadband infrastructure legislation has been building momentum in recent weeks.

Sens Udall and Hassan warn Trump Administration Shows 'Pattern of Hostility' to Press

Sens Tom Udall (D-NM) and Maggie Hassan (D-NH) are warning of a "pattern of hostility" by the Trump Administration toward journalists.

Fox News fires Bob Beckel over alleged 'insensitive' remark to African-American staffer

Fox News fired former Democratic strategist Bob Beckel May 19 for allegedly making an inappropriate remark to an African-American employee.

Reporter says security 'manhandled' him after he asked FCC questions

Security guards reportedly “manhandled” an award-winning reporter after he asked Federal Communications Commission officials questions at a public hearing, according to a National Press Club statement.

Democratic Reps on Science Committee to President Trump: Stop Depending on Fake News

Democratic Reps of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology urged President Donald Trump to stop relying on “misinformation and fake news" in a letter.

Lawmakers rally net neutrality supporters ahead of key FCC vote

Democratic lawmakers rallied net neutrality supporters ahead of the Federal Communications Commission’s initial vote to start rolling back the Obama-era regulations.

Sinclair deal puts heat on FCC

The proposed acquisition by Sinclair Broadcasting Group of Tribune Media Company is inflaming criticism of the Federal Communications Commission, which helped pave the way for the deal by relaxing media ownership restrictions.

John Oliver urges net neutrality supporters to tone down FCC comments

HBO comedian John Oliver acknowledged in a Youtube video that there were racist comments filed in support of net neutrality and had a simple message for any of his viewers who may have written them: “Stop it.