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To expand rural broadband, President Trump and Congress should listen to local leaders

[Commentary] As Congress continues to hold hearings on “internet expansion” and a possible infrastructure bill is developed, we recommend three action steps that President Trump, Congress and the FCC can and should take to solidify their commitmen

Cyclist Protests Net Neutrality by 'Throttling' Traffic Outside the FCC Headquarters

Disrupting traffic has long been a way for protesters to call attention to a cause. But when the cause itself is speed—in this case, Internet speed—the move takes on an extra level of defiance.

Lawmakers hammer Facebook and Twitter for not fully investigating if Russian bots spread the #ReleasetheMemo campaign

Top Democratic lawmakers slammed Facebook and Twitter for dodging new questions about Russian efforts to spread propaganda on their platforms.  For Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Sen.

Six revelations from tech's answers on Russian election meddling

Facebook, Twitter and Google outlined their efforts to keep state-sponsored groups from manipulating their platforms and interfering in the US political process. Here are six interesting revelations: