In infrastructure plan, a big opening for rural broadband

With the Trump Administration dangling the prospect of a $1 trillion infrastructure program, now is the time to consider whether a new approach might more effectively address the rural broadband problem.

Cities and broadband, next administration edition

[Commentary] The federal government has often played a major role in the country’s infrastructure development.

Implications of a Trump White House for broadband policy

[Commentary] If affordable and abundant broadband is integral to the continued growth of the American economy , then how the market reacts to Trump administration policy will determine whether the country can deliver this necessary infrastructure.

Make America great with great broadband

[Commentary] Building broadband infrastructure, as with any infrastructure, raises three questions: how to finance it, what projects are eligible to receive the funding, and how the funds are distributed.

FTC and FCC commissioners outline agency agendas in new administration

On Feb 1, Center for Technology Innovation fellow Nicol Turner-Lee moderated a panel discussion at Brookings with Commissioner Mignon Clyburn of the Federal Communications Commission and Commissioner Terrell McSweeny of the Federal Trade Commissio

A new era of reporting under the Trump administration

Whether the Trump administration is providing “alternative facts” or telling the media to keep its “mouth shut,” it’s clear that the relationship between the administration and the press is strained, and will likely continue to intensify.

Why President Trump should keep Obama’s digital privacy protections

[Commentary] As the new administration takes office, we will start to see just how literally to take Donald Trump’s pronouncements and the promised targeting of his predecessor’s executive orders for immediate destruction.

Online traffic data tool shows public benefit of internet of things

Perhaps the greatest promise of the internet of things is the insights to be gained from a flood of data provided by ubiquitous, wirelessly connected sensors.

Trump’s changes to the White House press access may have a silver lining

[Commentary] During the campaign Donald Trump banned certain reporters or media outlets from covering him.

Empirical data on the privacy paradox

The contemporary debate about the effects of new technology on individual privacy centers on the idea that privacy is an eroding value.