Rollback of the FCC’s Lifeline program can hurt households that need broadband the most

On Nov 16, the Federal Communications Commission released a ‘re-think’ of the Lifeline program. The FCC decision focuses squarely on prior criticisms, and plans to scale back the $2.25 billion annual program in three important ways.

Going backwards in the “race for 5G”

The collision of corporate opportunism and Republican anti-government orthodoxy has pushed the United States backwards on the allocation of important spectrum for fifth-generation wireless networks (5G).

Local journalism in crisis: Why America must revive its local newsrooms

Thousands of local newspapers have closed in recent years.

Putting corporate America’s new ‘stakeholder’ principles to work in regulatory policy

Too often, the corporate response to regulation has not been “what’s best for all stakeholders,” but “what’s best for the CFO (Chief Financial Officer).” The lobbying refrain sounds like this: “because regulation could hurt profits, it will hurt o