The FCC’s net neutrality proposal: A shameful sham that sells out consumers

[Commentary] The day after the Trump Justice Department sues to block the vertical integration of AT&T and Time Warner, the Trump Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposes eliminating rules that could be used to prevent the same harms t

Did technology kill the truth?

[Commentatry] We exist in a time when technological capabilities and economic incentives have combined to attack truth and weaken trust. It is not an act of pre-planned perdition.

Broadband gaps impact every member of Congress

Based on an analysis of all 435 congressional districts, every member stands to benefit from federal policies that boost wireline broadband availability and adoption. Developing bipartisan solutions—especially for Republican members’ constituents,

Using “public interest algorithms” to tackle the problems created by social media algorithms

[Commentary] The ramifications of Russian exploitation of social media exceed its potential electoral impact. It even exceeds the involvement of the Russians.

Online schooling: Who is harmed and who is helped?

[Commentary] Online courses have the potential to improve instruction at every level of education.

Why net neutrality needs a congressional solution

[Commentary] Net neutrality advocates and opponents alike have demonstrated their steady investment in a specific outcome that juxtaposes regulation over no regulation.

Net neutrality 2.0: Perspectives on FCC regulation of internet service providers

[Commentary] Yet before the partisan noise over network neutrality rises to the level of screeching decibels, it might be useful to provide some much-needed context.