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Yahoo salvages Verizon deal by giving Verizon a $350-million discount

Yahoo is taking a $350-million hit on its previously announced $4.8-billion sale to Verizon Communications in a concession for security lapses that exposed personal information stored in more than 1 billion Yahoo user accounts.

Yahoo warns users of potential malicious activity on their accounts

Yahoo Inc. is warning users of potentially malicious activity on their accounts between 2015 and 2016. It's the latest development in the Internet company's investigation of a mega-breach that exposed 1 billion users' data a few years ago.

Is President Trump Seeking Softball Questions?

President Donald Trump managed to avoid questions about hot-button issues facing the White House — such as the future of national security adviser Michael Flynn and a North Korean missile launch — in a news conference where selected reporters aske

Gov. Kasich to newspaper editors: 'I want you to survive'

Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) repeated his belief in the importance of the free press as tensions between the media and the administration of President Donald Trump remain high.

Lawsuits blame Facebook and Twitter in terror attacks in Paris, Brussels

The families of victims of terror attacks in Paris, Brussels and Israel are blaming social media companies including Facebook and Twitter for facilitating communications among terrorists.

US privacy board in disarray before Trump takes office

The five-member Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board in disarray just weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. It will have only two remaining members as of Jan.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee urges clearer guidance on cellphone technology

Clearer guidelines are needed for law enforcement's use of secretive and intrusive cellphone tracking technology, and police and federal agents should be upfront with a judge about their deployment, the House Oversight and Government Reform Commit

21st Century Fox to take over European broadcaster Sky

21st Century Fox and Sky PLC say they have agreed on a $14.6-billion takeover of the British broadcaster by the US-based media giant. The deal announced Dec 15 values Sky shares at $13.41 each.

Gov Walker announces $35.5 million plan to expand broadband in rural areas

Gov Scott Walker (R-WI) is asking the state Legislature to pass a bill that allocates about $35 million to expand broadband and technology in rural areas.

Megyn Kelly: Trump Tried to Influence Coverage

Megyn Kelly says Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully to give her gifts, including a free stay at one of his hotels, as part of what she called his pattern of trying to influence news coverage of his presidential campaign.