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California outlines ways to comply with upcoming privacy law

Companies must notify CA residents of their data privacy rights in plain language and must verify people’s identities before releasing data. CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced draft regulations that also spell out ways people can ask for their personal information to be deleted from company databases. The rules are being drafted to implement a landmark state privacy law that takes effect in Jan. The law allows CA residents to learn what information companies hold on them, request deletion and opt out of the sale of their personal information.

Can a new space race connect the world to the internet?

More than a dozen companies have asked US regulators for permission to operate constellations of satellites that provide internet service. Not all are aimed at connecting consumers, but some have grand and global ambitions. It’s a huge potential market. And there’s the obvious benefit on the ground: Not having internet access makes it difficult or impossible to apply for many jobs, for kids to do homework, for people in remote areas to get medical care, and to participate in the global economy. But this new wave of spaced-based internet faces hurdles.

US plans for fake social media run afoul of Facebook rules

Facebook said that the US Department of Homeland Security would be violating the company’s rules if agents create fake profiles to monitor the social media of foreigners seeking to enter the country. “Law enforcement authorities, like everyone else, are required to use their real names on Facebook and we make this policy clear,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “Operating fake accounts is not allowed, and we will act on any violating accounts.” The spokesperson said the company has communicated its concerns and its policies on the use of fake accounts to DHS.