White House Paints Depressing Portrait of US Broadband

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The White House released state-by-state arguments (in the form of "fact sheets") for why the President's almost $2 trillion infrastructure plan (American Jobs Plan) is necessary including painting a glass-half-empty of broadband availability, including speed and competition and price in the definition of broadband issues that need $100 billion in subsidy money to address. For example, for New York, the White House talks about almost a third of New Yorkers who live where "there is only one broadband provider" offering at least "minimally acceptable speeds." And even where broadband is available, the White House said, it "may be too expensive to be within reach." Then it talks about 13% of New York households without an internet subscription, though it does not say whether that is because they can't get it or can't afford it or don't want it. 

White House Paints Depressing Portrait of U.S. Broadband White House Releases State-by-State Fact Sheets to Highlight Nationwide Need for the American Jobs Plan