John Eggerton

Net Neutrality Bill Clears Second Hurdle After Marathon Markup

After over nine hours of debate over mostly failed amendments, and delays, legislation that would re-regulate internet access by reinstating the Federal Communications Commission's 2015 Open Internet Order's Title II-based net neutrality rules is

FCC Seeks Postponement of Net Neutrality Oral Argument

With the US.Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit signaling it planned to hold the Feb. 1 oral argument in Mozilla vs.

Rep Eshoo: FCC Broadband Deployment Committee Needs Local Input

Rep Anna Eshoo (D-CA) wants the Federal Communications Commission to tap into more state and local government input on broadband deployment, suggesting the FCC’s goal now is to serve industry and tie the hands of those local governments. That came

‘Wasteland’ Revisited

You may be old enough to remember the “vast wasteland” moniker that JFK’s Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Newton Minow, applied to broadcast TV’s handful of channels in the early 1960s.

Sen. Kennedy: FCC Should Hold Public Auction of C-Band (updated)

Senate Financial Services Subcommittee Chairman John Kennedy (R-LA) lit into Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai for even considering private spectrum deals with foreign owned satellite companies, which say they can free up C-Band

Civil Rights Groups Strike Diversity Agreement with T-Mobile-Sprint

A number of civil rights groups have struck an agreement with T-Mobile-Sprint to expand on the companies' diversity initiatives significantly if the two close on their merger.

Sohn: FCC Authority is Key to Compromise Net Neutrality Bill

Gigi Sohn, former adviser to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, supports legislation to clarify the FCC's authority over broadband, but that unless that bill returns oversight of the market to the FCC, that is not likely to ha

NCTA to FCC: Broadband Data Collection Effort Should Be Confined to Deployment

Cable operators are telling the Federal Communications Commission to use its new broadband deployment data regime for just that, collecting deployment data, rather than use it as a vehicle for collecting data on latency or price, as some have argu

Numbering Steps to FCC’s Net Neutrality Victory Dance

According to top Federal Communications Commission officials (paraphrased from a background call), these were the seven key victories for the FCC in the decision by the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit:

Net Neutrality Focus Shifts to States, Hill

Broadband providers and virtually everyone else is calling for Congress to finally step in and clarify just what authority the Federal Communications Commission has and should use over internet access. The FCC has to come back to the court with a