USTelecom Seeks Major Temporary Deregulation Help from FCC

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Telecommunication Internet service providers have provided the Federal Communications Commission with a laundry list of coronavirus-related temporary deregulation, including waiving deadlines, suspending rules, and providing more funding, all to address the teleworking and telemedicine and distance-learning load of a homebound workforce and student population. In its letter to the FCC, USTeecom conceded it could be costly and said they would press Congress to appropriate the money. 

While ISPs have all signed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's connectivity pledge, which includes not terminating customers and waiving late fees for 60 days, the association said the reality is that such a promise comes with a revenue loss ("revenues they expected to have available"). And, it is becoming clear that some customers may not be able to pay even after the 60 days, and broadband providers are already being pressed to extend that period. USTelecom said that for some, particularly smaller companies, that could have a substantial impact on revenues and operations. "The Commission should be mindful of this fact and consider how it can provide appropriate assistance and support as outlined [below]" it told the FCC. 

USTelecom Seeks Major Temporary Deregulation Help from FCC Read the Letter