Tarana upgrade provides 1 Gig+ speeds via fixed wireless access

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Tarana is releasing its next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA), representing a significant evolution of the company’s heralded G1 broadband solution. Tarana’s G1 ngFWA platform has been embraced by more than 190 broadband providers in 8 countries in its first year of commercial shipments. G1 base nodes sold to date are expected to cover 20 million households and will have the capacity to serve as many as 1 million subscribers when fully deployed in the coming months. Tarana’s next G1 releases will take two new directions. First is the operation in the 6 GHz unlicensed channels being opened up in the US, Canada, and soon other countries around the world. Second is the introduction of G1x2 mode, a software update that doubles the current 80MHz bandwidth of the G1 platform to 160MHz, organized as four independent 40MHz carriers — in either 5 or 6 GHz or both — to deliver up to 1.6 Gbps in aggregate for each G1 link. 

Tarana Announces G1x2 Wireless, Showcasing High-Performance Broadband with Unprecedented Economics and Speed