Network management

Network management refers to the activities, methods, procedures, and tools that pertain to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of networked systems.

AT&T claims U.S. industry first with RedCap launch

AT&T claims it is the first carrier in the U.S. to introduce 5G Reduced Capability (RedCap) technology for the IoT sector, with commercial service now available in select areas of the Dallas metro area. The service was launched on June 14 via a software upgrade from Ericsson, but AT&T is working with both Ericsson and Nokia on its RedCap rollout, according to Jason Sikes, AVP of Device Architecture at AT&T. RedCap stands for “reduced capability,” which sounds like something’s gone missing, but it actually refers to reduced complexity and therefore, reduced costs.

CBRS gets a boost under new FCC usage rules

The Federal Communications Commission announced new rules governing commercial operations in 3.5GHz CBRS that will expand unencumbered services in the band to an additional 72 million people across more than a dozen states. At issue are the Dynamic Protection Area (DPA) neighborhoods along coastlines and around federal facilities throughout the country.

Fixed Wireless Access in the US: Getting ready for Phase 2

Millions of new fixed wireless access (FWA) customers at Verizon and T-Mobile haven't affected the performance of the operators' respective 5G networks, according to new findings from network-monitoring company Opensignal. "Despite adding more than eight million 5G FWA subs using 400+ GB per month of data since Q1 2021,

Comcast and Charter Are in a Better Position Than Smaller Cable Companies To Resist Fixed Wireless Competition, S&P Global Ratings Says

A report by S&P Global Ratings suggests that the revenue lost for cable operators from customers opting for fixed wireless access (FWA) services is greater than the gains generated from new "junior cable" mobile services. Amid this dynamic “wi

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Rosenworcel Cites Preparations for Hurricane Season

As Atlantic hurricane season begins, Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel highlighted actions the agency has taken to help the public reach emergency services, receive emergency information, and communicate during disasters.

What if, in 10 years, young people don’t subscribe to fixed broadband at all?

Can you imagine a future where everyone relies solely on their cellular connection, and they don’t subscribe to a fixed broadband connection at all? Currently, the U.S. government is undertaking a big push to get everyone in the country connected to fiber broadband to close the digital divide. But ironically, a research group from the U.K.

AT&T CEO: Convergence, it's what's happening

AT&T’s CEO highlighted the operator's progress of combining 5G, fiber and other forthcoming elements like direct-to-satellite communications. “Converged is now the opportunity” CEO John Stankey stated. “That’s going to be one of the key areas for us to get to 40 or 50% [market penetration rates],” he added. This convergence includes fiber, as it was noted that AT&T is on track to reach its goal of 30 million fiber locations passed by the end of 2025. The converged landscape also includes 5G.

Comcast CEO talks competition, asserts company is ‘tech-driven’

Can cable get its groove back? It’s a common question as operators wade their way through a sea of fiber and fixed wireless access (FWA) competition. Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts talked about where the company stands in the broadband space and how it sees itself. Roberts described Comcast as “more of a consumer innovation and technology driven company.” Analyst Craig Moffett asked Roberts to delve into the elephant in the room – broadband.

NY Attorney General Letitia James Secures More Than $10 Million from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless for Deceptive Advertising

New York Attorney General Letitia James (D-NY) and a multistate, bipartisan coalition of 50 attorneys general secured more than $10.22 million from AT&T Mobility and its subsidiary Cricket Wireless; T-Mobile; and Cellco Partnership and its subsidiary TracFone Wireless for deceptively marketing wireless service plans for years.

Introducing AT&T Turbo: A New Wireless Feature That Gives Customers Real-Time Responsiveness and Enhanced Data Connectivity on the Go

AT&T is the first carrier to give customers the choice to purchase enhanced data connectivity for real-time responsiveness with the introduction of AT&T Turbo on May 2. Built to support high-performance mobile applications, like gaming, social video broadcasting and live video conferencing, with optimized data while customers are on the go. AT&T Turbo allows users the choice to optimize their network when they want by adding additional network resources to their mobile data connection.