FCC Presses Wi-Fi Plan Despite Utility, First Responder Worries

The Federal Communications Commission remains intent on repurposing airwaves to handle surging Wi-Fi data traffic, despite opposition from power companies and first responders who say it could interfere with their communications systems.

Chairman Pai Remarks at Americas Spectrum Management Conference

In 2018, I talked about our 5G FAST plan. The plan has three central planks: freeing up spectrum, promoting wireless infrastructure, and modernizing our regulations to promote more fiber deployment.

How Wi-Fi Almost Didn’t Happen

Wi-Fi officially launched 20 years ago, on September 15, 1999. There are many ways in which Wi-Fi might not have become ubiquitous, and instead HomeRF (home radio frequency) remained a competing standard.

The Invisible Battle for America's Airwaves

Competition for the 900mHz segment of the radiofrequency spectrum has grown fierce in recent years as more operators are pushed out of licensed spectrum and into the electromagnetic doldrums.

FCC Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks Before Wi-Fi Alliance Annual Member Meeting

Given its past success and future potential, what challenges do Wi-Fi and its advocates face?

Utilities Warn FCC About Impact of 6 GHz Wi-Fi Effort

The American Public Power Association, American Water Works Association, Edison Electric Institute, National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association, and the Utilities Technology Council -- which together represent almost all of the nation's utili

Chairman Pai Remarks at Wi-Fi World Congress 2019

What is the Federal Communications Commission doing to make the future of Wi-Fi brighter?


Schools, Health, & Libraries Broadband Coalition

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 14:00

Unlicensed spectrum has played an enormous role in allowing anchor institutions to expand their broadband connectivity. In March, the FCC issued a Report and Order, and Order on Reconsideration that removed some of the regulatory barriers hindering the deployment of TV white spaces (TVWS) technology.

FCC Resolves White Spaces Issues

In a report and order adopted March 20, the Federal Communications Commission has sent the signal that allowing the so-called white spaces between TV channels to be used for fixed and mobile wireless devices are ready for prime time.

FCC Takes Steps To Open Spectrum Horizons For New Services And Technologies

The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules to encourage the development of new communications technologies and expedite the deployment of new services in the spectrum above 95 GHz.