Rep. Lauren Boebert Prevails In Battle Over Twitter Block

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US District Court Judge Daniel Domenico in Colorado, a Trump appointee, has thrown out a lawsuit accusing Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) of violating the First Amendment by blocking a constituent on Twitter. judge Domenico essentially ruled that Rep Boebert was free to block people at will from her @laurenboebert account because it is “held out and operated as a personal and campaign account.” The judge said in his ruling that the block wasn't done by the government, because the Twitter account wasn't an official government account. The First Amendment generally prohibits only the government from discriminating based on viewpoint. “Whether it is wise for members of the United States Congress to block critical constituents from their social-media accounts is not for a court to say,” said Judge Domenico. “The only question here is whether federal courts are authorized to legally forbid one from doing so in these circumstances ... I conclude they are not.” 

Right-Wing Lawmaker Prevails In Battle Over Twitter Block