Wendy Davis

FCC Urged To Collect Better Information About Broadband Deployment, Price

It's no secret that the Federal Communications Commission doesn't have the best track record when it comes to measuring broadband. “The Commission must make more robust changes to accurately understand the state of broadband access and adoption ac

FTC Urged To Step Up Enforcement Of Children's Privacy Rules

Advocacy groups are urging the Federal Trade Commission to step up enforcement of a federal privacy law that prohibits website operators from knowingly collecting data from children younger than 13 without their parents' permission.

'New York Times' Presses For Information About Net Neutrality Comments

The New York Times Company is urging a judge to order the Federal Communications Commission to disclose information about network neutrality commenters, despite the agency's objections that doing so could compromise people's privacy.

FCC Battles New York Times Over Net Neutrality Comments

Striking back at The New York Times Company, the Federal Communications Commission is urging a judge to rule that the agency need not disclose information about net neutrality commenters because doing so would compromise their privacy. “If the FCC

New York Times Presses Bid For Data About Net Neutrality Comments

The New York Times Company is pressing a judge to order the Federal Communications Commission to turn over information about comments submitted in the 2017 net neutrality proceeding.

New York Times Not Entitled To Information About Net Neutrality Commenters, FCC Says

The Federal Communications Commission is asking a judge to reject The New York Times Company's request for information about comments submitted to the agency in its 2017 net neutrality proceeding. The agency argues that the data sought by the 

Net Neutrality Battle Heats Up In Vermont

A battle over network neutrality is heating up in Vermont -- one of at least eight states that recently moved to restore the Obama-era rules.

Broadband Industry Urges Judge To Invalidate Vermont Net Neutrality Law

A coalition of cable and wireless organizations are asking a judge to invalidate Vermont's new network neutrality law on the grounds that the measure goes against federal policy.

Internet Association Weighs In On President Trump's Twitter Blocks

Tech companies appear to be concerned that they might face some unintended consequences as a result of a battle over whether President Donald Trump violates the First Amendment by blocking critics on Twitter.

California Lawmakers Urged To Reject Attempts To Weaken Privacy Law

California should reject requests by industry groups to water down the state's new privacy law, a coalition of 20 advocacy groups said in a new letter to lawmakers.