Reactions to Commissioner O'Rielly's Re-examination of Kid Vid Requirements

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In a Jan 26 blog post, Commissioner Michael O'Rielly of the Federal Communications Commission is proposing the FCC rethink what he calls its "ineffective and burdensome requirements currently imposed on our nation’s broadcasters to air a certain amount of educational and informational children’s programming on a weekly basis." That is the requirement that TV stations air at least three hours per week of core educational/informational children's TV programming in at least 30-minute blocks.

Benton Foundation Executive Director Adrianne B. Furniss "Then they came for the children. In the past year, the Federal Communications Commission has been dismantling its Congressionally-mandated role to protect the public interest. The Republican majority’s regulatory 'weed wacker' has knocked down online privacy, net neutrality, and other consumer protections. Now Commissioner O’Rielly proposes to eliminate one of television broadcasters’ last public interest obligations – a commitment to serve children with some programming that is primarily educational instead of commercial. Commissioner O’Rielly’s proposal should be dead on arrival. It is unthinkable that the FCC would turn its back on children – and the law."

“Families around our country, particularly in low-income areas, rely on free, over-the-air children’s programming as a way to educate our their children," said Sen Ed Markey (D-MA), who was instrumental in the Children's Television Act's creation and passage and expanding its implementation. "I have serious concerns about the changes contemplated by Commissioner O’Reilly and how they would negatively impact kids coast-to-coast.”

Reactions to Commissioner O'Rielly's Re-examination of Kid Vid Requirements O'Rielly Takes Aim at Kid Vid Mandates (Broadcasting&Cable)