Public Knowledge and Benton Institute Urge Court to Uphold New York’s Affordable Broadband Act

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Public Knowledge, joined by the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society, filed an amici curiae brief in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which is reviewing a New York law to make broadband internet more affordable. New York’s Affordable Broadband Act would require internet service providers (ISPs) to sell a $15-per-month broadband plan to low-income households. A group of ISP trade associations oppose the law, and sued New York’s Attorney General to prevent it from going into effect. A previous ruling by the District Court prevented New York from enforcing the Affordable Broadband Act, but the Court of the Appeals could reverse that decision. The brief supports New York’s position and explains how improving affordability–even just for some people–in fact helps everyone. The brief addresses how broadband access supports a strong economy, better public health outcomes, and improves educational opportunity, and also reviews recent empirical research into broadband affordability conducted by the Benton Institute.

Public Knowledge Urges Court to Uphold New York’s Affordable Broadband Act Public Knowledge, Benton to Court: States Can Regulate Broadband Rates (B&C)