Michigan Operators Seek $1.3 Billion in Broadband Funding: $231 Million Available

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Over 150 network operators applied for funding in a broadband program operated by the state of Michigan. The operators requested $1.3 billion in funding through the program, which has a budget of $231 million. Applications were due on March 15, 2023, in the Realizing Opportunity with Broadband Infrastructure Networks (ROBIN) program. The $1.3 billion in funding would have covered some of the costs of broadband deployments estimated to cost a total of $2.3 billion. The applications proposed to connect approximately 380,000 locations. The Michigan High-Speed Internet (MIHI) Office said it was “excited and energized by the overwhelming interest in the program and the enthusiasm of applicants.” Awards will be based on a scoring system, with a steering committee making initial grant recommendations followed by a 45-day comment period. During that period, challengers can object to awards if the areas involved already have service available at speeds of 100/20 Mbps, are planned to be connected at that speed within one year, or are part of another federal or state program that will deliver service at that speed.

Michigan Operators Seek $1.3B in Broadband Funding: $231M Available