Joan Engebretson

USDA Agriculture Innovation Agenda Could Spur Broadband Usage, Deployment

A new US Department of Agriculture initiative, the Agriculture Innovation Agenda, aims to align resources, programs and research to position American agriculture to better meet future global demands. Although the USDA doesn’t specifically referenc

Facebook Terragraph Gigabit Wireless Gains Deployments

Facebook Terragraph gigabit wireless technology is gaining some traction with the news that Puerto Rican competitive carrier AeroNet will pilot the technology in Old San Juan (PR).

Areas Receiving ReConnect or State Broadband Support Won’t be Eligible for RDOF Auction

Areas that receive broadband funding through the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) ReConnect program or a state broadband program will not be eligible to receive funding through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF).

Is Universal Service Fund in Peril? A Close Look at the Budget – and Where the Money Comes From

The percentage of end-user phone bills that go toward the Universal Service Fund (USF) has been climbing and there are serious questions about the sustainability of that funding mechanism, despite a relatively stable USF budget.

Broadband Operator Profile: Tennessee WISP Progressive Broadband Has Ambitious Plans, Including Fiber-to-the-Home

Rural Solutions, which does business as Progressive Broadband, is a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) with ambitious goals.

Broadband Affordability Research: 61% of US Can Get Low-Cost Service But Will This Last?

Sixty-one percent of the US population had low-priced wired broadband available to them in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to new broadband affordability research from BroadbandNow.

New Rural Broadband Deployment Model: MCNC Partners with Facebook on North Carolina Build

Facebook and MCNC, the non-profit operator of the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN) are “co-investing” to build a high-speed fiber network interconnecting the rural North Carolina communities of Dobson and Forest City.

Rural Service Provider Groups Oppose New Speed Tier Proposed for RDOF

At least two rural service provider groups have voiced opposition to the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to add a new 50/5 Mbps speed tier to the bidding categories for the proposed Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF).

Report Finds 20.5 Million US Fiber Broadband Homes, Nearly 40% of US Homes Passed

20.5 million US homes are now connected to fiber broadband service, according to new research conducted by RVA for the Fiber Broadband Association.