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Airband Rural Wireless Program Has Eight Service Provider Partners, 230 More on Microsoft Wireless ISP Program

When Microsoft announced plans in 2017 to work with network operators to bring broadband to rural areas lacking broadband service, the company had no problem finding network operators to participate in the program, dubbed Microsoft Airband. Micros

Broadband Affordability Report: Nearly Half of US Population Lacks Access to a Low-Price Offering

Nearly half of the US population (45%) lacks access to a low-price wired broadband offering, according to a new broadband affordability report from BroadbandNow, the organization that maintains a detailed database of broadband offerings throughout

C Spire Challenges T-Mobile Rural Plans Post-Sprint Acquisition

C Spire and T-Mobile have been duking it out in dueling letters to the Federal Communications Commission concerning T-Mobile rural plans which, according to T-Mobile, are contingent on its planned merger with Sprint being approved by regulators. T

FCC Ready to Authorize $140 Million in Rural Broadband Funding for CAF II Auction Winners, Verizon Among Them

The Federal Communications Commission issued a public notice stating that it is “ready to authorize” $140 million in rural broadband funding for a portion of the entities that had winning bids in the Connect America Fund CAF II auction.

FCC Gets Set to Adopt Legacy USF Phase-Out Plan for CAF II Auction Areas

The Federal Communications Commission will vote in Feb on proposed procedures for phasing out traditional Universal Service Fund (USF) support for areas served by price cap carriers in which the carrier did not accept funding through the Connect A

Rural Broadband Deployment Ideas: Panelists Offer Some New Thinking

Next Century Cities, the American Action Forum, and Public Knowledge held a bipartisan discussion about tech policy priorities for the new Congress. 

Broadband News: 10 Questions We Hope to See Answered in 2019

Here are 10 questions about broadband we hope to find answers to in 2019:

FCC Proposes New A-CAM Broadband Offers; Wants to Auction Certain ROR Lines

There’s a lot more behind the news that the Federal Communications Commission plans to increase the minimum broadband speed target in rural areas that wasn’t detailed in FCC Chairman Pai’s recent blog post about current commission initiatives.

Biggest Telecom Company CAF II Winner Will Use the $52 Million for Fixed Wireless

Benton Ridge Telephone Company can trace its roots back over 100 years to when it started out as a rural telephone company serving the OH community with the same name.

Sec Perdue Hopes to Have “Solid Plan” by Year-End for $600M USDA Rural Broadband Pilot

Secretary Sonny Perdue didn’t have many new details to share about the upcoming $600 million US Department of Agriculture rural broadband pilot when he addressed stakeholders at a USTelecom event.