NCREN Fiber Expansion Focuses on Agricultural Industry and Rural Markets

The North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN), a regional fiber network, is expanding, according to MCNC, the non-profit that operates it. The network operates in southeastern North Carolina.

USTelecom Broadband Map Pilot: Up to 38% of “Served” Rural Locations Actually Lack Broadband

As much as 38 percent of rural locations in census blocks reported to have broadband available to them may actually lack broadband, according to USTelecom.

FCC’s CenturyLink 911 Outage Report Reveals Tech Transition Risk

The Federal Communications Commission released a report on the 911 outage originating in CenturyLink’s network that occurred Dec 27, 2018.

CenturyLink to invest several hundred million dollars in edge computing, following AT&T and Verizon

CenturyLink said that it will invest “several hundred million dollars” in edge computing, following in the footsteps of AT&T and Verizon.

Frontier Communications CEO: Rural Digital Opportunity Fund May Be “Less Favorable to Frontier” Than CAF Program Was

Frontier Communications CEO Dan McCarthy was not surprised by -- but is not enthusiastic --  about some aspects of the proposed Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), which would essentially replace the Connect America broadband funding program fo

Bringing Gigabit Broadband Beyond Chattanooga

At one time it looked like the high-speed broadband network built 10 years ago by EPB (formerly the Electric Power Board) in Chattanooga would be an island of gigabit connectivity, as the state of Tennessee had rather restrictive laws about what t