Small Broadband Wary On Farm Bill

The Senate passed the compromise farm bill, HR 2, notching a win for Democrats who opposed the House’s plan to impose tighter work requirements on food stamp recipients.

Verizon Separation Plan Sheds Almost 7 Percent of Employees as 5G Restructuring Begins to Take Hold

A Verizon separation plan will reduce the company’s payroll by 10,400 employees, almost 7 percent of its workforce.

Verizon Tests Interoperable 5G and LTE Technology, Achieves Mobile 5G Speed of 1.7 Gbps

In what they characterize as a successful test, Samsung, Qualcomm Technologies and Verizon said they have achieved a mobile 5G speed of 1.7 Gbps using a 400 MHz swath of millimeter wave spectrum in the 28 GHz band.

FCC Proposes New A-CAM Broadband Offers; Wants to Auction Certain ROR Lines

There’s a lot more behind the news that the Federal Communications Commission plans to increase the minimum broadband speed target in rural areas that wasn’t detailed in FCC Chairman Pai’s recent blog post about current commission initiatives.