Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights: Advanced Telecommunication Deployment Is Not Reasonable, Timely

We encourage the Federal Communications Commission to take a broad, meaningful look at broadband deployment as it relates to its use and to investigate data that demonstrate low-income neighborhoods lack fiber infrastructure. We reiterate that the FCC should reaffirm its 2019 Broadband Deployment Report conclusion that fixed and mobile broadband services are complementary, not substitutes for each other. The FCC’s Broadband Deployment Report and Form 477 data collection must also incorporate key
metrics to ensure broadband availability is accurately measured in underrepresented and marginalized communities. The FCC should expeditiously take action to adopt subsidies, support tax policies and digital inclusion programs, and bolster robust broadband Lifeline service. Such actions will accelerate investment in broadband infrastructure, encourage broadband adoption, and close the digital divide. The FCC should not conclude that the current deployment of advanced telecommunications capability is “reasonable and timely."

The Letter Leadership Conference: Advanced Telecom Deployment Is Not Reasonable, Timely (Multichannel News)