House Minority Leader Pelosi on net neutrality: California will pave the way for a federal law

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) joined CA state senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), firefighters, state legislators and community advocates in support of CA Senate Bill 822, which would enact the strongest net neutrality standards in the nation. “Once we have established California as a model of a state taking action, other states may follow,” she said. “And then I think you will see some of corporate America say, okay, let’s have a federal law because we don’t...want to do different things in different states,” she says. When asked how net neutrality plays into the midterm campaigns, Minority Leader Pelosi said, “Young voters are not particularly partisan, but they know what issues affect their lives. And every place I go, [net neutrality] is one of the issues...the millennials bring up.”

“Pretty soon I’m sure we’ll be able to say ‘congratulations California on net neutrality.’” Pelosi said. Gov Jerry Brown (D-CA) has until the end of Sept to sign the bill.

House Minority Leader Pelosi on Net Neutrality: California will pave the way for a federal law Nancy Pelosi Hints She's 'Sure' Governor Brown Will Sign California's Net Neutrality Bill (Gizmodo) Pelosi Remarks at Press Conference in Support of California Senate Bill Enacting Net Neutrality Protections