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New Encryption Tech Makes It Harder for ISPs to Spy on You

An Internet service provider can see every website that you choose to access.

House Minority Leader Pelosi on net neutrality: California will pave the way for a federal law

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) joined CA state senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), firefighters, state legislators and community advocates in support of CA Senate Bill 822, which would enact the strongest net neutrality standards in

How California’s super-strict net neutrality law reached the home stretch

It’s been a tough fight, with one near-fatal stumble, but California’s assembly just passed what are undoubtedly the strictest protections for net neutrality in the country–if not the world.

Four ways to survive the end of net neutrality today

Here are some financial, technical, and political measures you can take: 1) Find net neutrality- and privacy-friendly broadband providers, 2) Subscribe to a virtual private network, 3) Use an encrypted DNS service, and 4) Find consumer-friendly st

This California Bill Would Bring Back Net Neutrality With A Vengeance

On Dec 14, the Federal Communications Commission voted to abolish network neutrality regulations. The same day, California State Senator Scott Wiener (D-CA-11) released a video saying that he wanted to revive those policies in state law.

Critics on both the left and right say Ajit Pai’s FCC is hurting poor people

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai says he wants to help poor people.

The Net Neutrality Defender Fighting President Trump From The Other Washington

After the Federal Communications Commission and the US Congress scrapped federal regulations protecting both network neutrality and privacy for Internet service provider customers, several states started working on their own safeguards.

Snubbing FCC, States Are Writing Their Own Net Neutrality Laws

Along with pursuing lawsuits over irregularities in the Federal Communications Commission network neutrality comments process (like millions of fake citizen comments being submitted), several states are crafting their own net neutrality laws, whic

The Political Dumpster Fire Of Net Neutrality Is Just Heating Up

After the FCC’s vote to scrap its net neutrality regulations, activists will turn to lawsuits, Congress—and the 2018 election. Lawsuits probably won’t be filed until at least January, but it’s already clear that they will challenge the FCC’s vote

Why the FCC's Free-Market Argument for Repealing Net Neutrality Doesn't Hold Up

In making the case that most Americans have multiple, competing broadband providers, the government acknowledges that up to 40 percent of them do not.