House Commerce Committee Chairman Pallone Stumps for Massive Broadband Investment

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House Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone (D-NJ) took to the House floor to talk up the massive Moving Forward Act infrastructure bill, including its $100 billion in funding for broadband buildouts he says will close the digital divide. The $1.5 trillion-plus bill would allocate billions to subsidize broadband competition--including from municipal providers--in "underserved" areas which could mean where service is already provided by private capitol at just short of gig speeds.  "The pandemic has starkly demonstrated the need to ensure families all across the nation have access to high-speed internet," said Chairman Pallone. "The Moving Forward Act provides over $100 billion to fund broadband-related programs, which will get us to 100 percent internet coverage. This also includes additional funding for the Lifeline program which helps low-income Americans pay for their internet bills. Kids all around the nation need access to broadband to participate in their classes online for the fall and potentially much longer."

Rep. Pallone Stumps for Massive Broadband Investment