Common Sense and Public Knowledge recommend updates to the Affordable Connectivity Program Enrollment Claims Tracker

Common Sense and Public Knowledge recommend that the Universal Service Administrative Company make additional types of data available through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Enrollment Claims Tracker. The tracker is the main source of publicly-available data on the ACP. However, the tracker currently lacks key types of data to precisely measure the effect of these campaigns or understand the quality of the services and devices purchased. By providing additional data, the FCC could increase the ACP’s transparency; maximize the impact of ACP campaigns, including those funded by the upcoming ACP Outreach Grant Program; and generate high-quality feedback for the digital discrimination task force. We recommend the tracker be updated to provide the following types of data:

  • Total enrollment per state per week
  • Gross new enrollments and gross de-enrollments
  • Faster data releases
  • Total benefits transferred between providers
  • Data on service and device quality
  • Include ACP claimed support
  • Estimates of household eligibility
  • Data on Public Housing Authorities

Common Sense and Public Knowledge also ask the FCC to facilitate ACP enrollment by encouraging data sharing between states and relevant agencies.

Letter from Common Sense and Public Knowledge to FCC Secretary Marlene Dortch