$247 Million in Florida Broadband Awardees Revealed: Cox, Comcast, Conexon Are the Big Winners

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Cox Communications was the biggest winner in Florida broadband funding, and will get over $80 million for 11 projects. Fellow cable provider Comcast was the second biggest winner and will take home over $60 million for 34 projects, followed by Conexon, which will receive about $40 million. Other companies winning funding include Charter Communications, AT&T, CenturyLink, Suwanee Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC), Consolidated, TDS, IBT, and Myakka. The Florida broadband awards were made through the state’s Broadband Infrastructure Program, in which $247 million was funded through the federal Capital Projects Fund (CPF)

$247M in Florida Broadband Awardees Revealed At Last: Cox, Comcast, Conexon Are the Big Winners