Wireless Internet

FCC Releases 20th Wireless Competition Report

The Federal Communications Commission approved its 20th Annual Mobile Wireless Competition Report.

Puerto Ricans hunt for precious Wi-Fi and cell signals

Margarita Aponte and her relatives cleared the road in front of her house with two oxen Sept 24, then drove an hour from her devastated hometown in central Puerto Rico to the old telegraph building in the capital of San Juan.

On regulations for 5G: Micro licensing for locally operated networks

Future 5G networks aim at providing new high-quality wireless services to meet stringent and case-specific needs of various vertical sectors beyond traditional mobile broadband offerings.

Mexican TV Is Interfering with Rural Broadband in California

Indigenous peoples living on tribal lands are some of the most underserved people in the US when it comes to broadband. Many tribes share similar barriers no matter where they are in the country.

FCC Chairman Pai Continues to Hide the Truth About Broadband Investment to Justify His Ideological Vendetta Against Net Neutrality

In filings about the Federal Communications Commission’s forthcoming wireless-competition report, Free Press called out FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for misrepresenting the state of broadband investment following the agency’s 2015 network neutrality ruli

Cash, Innovation, Airwaves: The Recipe for Rural Broadband

[Commentary] For 23.4 million rural Americans – roughly the population of New York City and Los Angeles and Chicago and Houston and Philadelphia and Phoenix and San Antonio and San Diego, combined –access to quality broadband internet remains out

Can We Build a Global Internet from Swarms of Satellites and Tech-Company-Backed Balloons?

Ten years ago, the world population was 6.6 billion; 3 billion of those people lacked access to broadband internet connectivity.

Broadband Analysis: Scrappy Wireless ISPs Get the Job Done

[Commentary] Rural areas don’t need to wait on expensive and hard-to-build fiber-to-the-home networks to start using broadband. In many cases, fixed wireless can provide a fast and affordable last-mile connection in underserved areas.

FCC asks about the state of mobile broadband. Congress flips out.

[Commentary] Twelve senators wrote to the Federal Communications Commission expressing concern regarding the agency’s latest Notice of Inquiry.