Wireless Internet

The Future of Broadband in Underserved Areas

At a recent panel convened by the Wireless Future Project at New America, Ellen Satterwhite, of the American Library Association, noted that 40 percent of libraries cannot meet the minimum speed requirements set by the Federal Communications Commi

A Future Ruled by the "Botnet of Things"?

In October 2016, botnets (an interconnected group of electronic devices under the control of a botmaster, or botherder, who can then use the bot army to steal information or carry out scams on a massive scale) made headlines as the instrument behi

Dish 'confident' its IoT strategy can meet FCC's build-out requirements

Dish Network believes that its plan to launch a narrowband Internet of Things (IoT) network will enable it to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s build-out requirements for its spectrum, according to Jefferies Equity Research Americas.

Senate Passes Six Technology and Telecommunications Bills

On August 3, the passed the following technology and telecommunications bills:

FCC Establishes Challenge Process for Mobility Fund Phase II

The Federal Communications Commission established the procedures for a robust challenge process to ensure that the FCC targets Mobility Fund Phase II (MF-II) support to primarily rural areas that lack unsubsidized 4G LTE service.

Key Stakeholders Support AIRWAVES Bill — for Different Reasons

Often sparring partners, the wireless industry and public interest advocates both came out in support of the AIRWAVES Act — but with very different hopes for where the legislation would lead.

FirstNet, broadband network to enable police and fire responders to talk to each other, ready to launch

Many police officers, firefighters and paramedics carry their own smartphones to do the things their department-issued equipment can’t. But now, 16 years after the terrorist attacks of Sept.

FCC Carries Rural Broadband Baton as Infrastructure Plan Languishes

Bringing high-speed internet access to more of rural America is a policy goal that’s popular among Republicans and Democrats alike. But the issue isn’t moving very fast on Capitol Hill.

Verizon and AT&T customers are getting slower speeds because of unlimited data plans

Unlimited data plans are slowing down mobile speeds for Verizon and AT&T customers, according to data released by mobile network measurement company OpenSignal.

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks Before the CBRS Alliance

At our meeting on Aug 3, the Commission will vote on a mid-band spectrum Notice of Inquiry.