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Sprint-T-Mobile Merger Faces New Hurdle With Lawsuit by States

A group of attorneys general from 10 states filed a federal lawsuit in a bid to block a proposed merger between the wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint, a $26 billion deal that has yet to receive the Justice Department’s approval.

Department of Education asks FCC to Maintain Educational Requirements for EBS Spectrum

The Department of Education urged the Federal Communications Commission to maintain and modernize the current educational priority of the Educational Broadband Service (EBS) spectrum by keeping the current eligibility requirments for EBS licenses,

FCC Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks Before Wi-Fi Alliance Annual Member Meeting

Given its past success and future potential, what challenges do Wi-Fi and its advocates face?

Freshly Inked Deal to Provide Rural Delaware with Broadband

Delaware offcials and wireless network company Bloosurf have signed a deal expand broadband access in the state. The Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI) estimates about 127,000 homes and businesses will benefit from the 

Loon helps restore internet access in Peru

In the wake of an earthquake in Peru, Alphabet's Loon unit was able to quickly restore temporary internet access using its balloons. This was due, in large part, because it had already been in talks with Telefonica to bring its service to parts of



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People often focus on the consumer market benefits of 5G — the enhanced speed, higher quality video streaming and efficiency — but the advancement in wireless connectivity also presents a whole new set of opportunities and challenges for the enterprise.

Sprint’s 5G network is here, and it’s completely different from what Verizon and AT&T are doing

Sprint is launching its 5G network in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City, becoming the third major US operator to kick off the next era of mobile data. For Sprint, 5G is about a lot more than coverage: it’s about dependability.

AT&T Confirms "Nationwide" 5G Plans

AT&T President of Operations Scott Mai, confirmed AT&T nationwide 5G plans, saying that, by this time next year, the carrier will have nationwide coverage for 5G, albeit with a somewhat liberal view of what nationwide means. To AT&T, n

Department of Justice Wants T-Mobile to Create New Competitor as Part of Deal

Apparently, top Justice Department officials want T-Mobile US and Sprint to lay the groundwork for a new wireless carrier -- with its own network -- as a condition to clearing their $26.5 billion merger. But the idea of spinning off a full-fledged

FCC Concludes First High-Band 5G Airwaves Auctions

The Federal Communications Commission announced the conclusion of bidding in Auction 102, the FCC’s second auction of millimeter wave spectrum suitable for 5G, which is providing licenses in the 24 GHz band.