Stories from Abroad

Since 2010, the Benton Foundation and the New America Foundation have partnered to highlight telecommunications debates from countries outside the U.S.

Google’s plans for first wired urban community raise data-privacy concerns

Sidewalk Labs, a unit of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is proposing to turn a rundown part of Toronto’s waterfront into what may be the most wired community in history — to “fundamentally refine what urban life can be.” High-level interest is

China is Using Tech to ‘Reset the Global Balance of Power,’ Experts Tell Congress

The government needs to diversify and strengthen its efforts to stop China from co-opting the US innovation economy to support its own global ambitions, industry experts told the House Oversight IT Subcommittee on Sept 26.  And tariffs probably ar

Fox, Acting on Behalf of Disney, Sells Its Stake in Sky to Comcast

Twenty-First Century Fox agreed to sell its 39 percent stake in the British broadcaster Sky to Comcast in a deal worth $15 billion, ending Rupert Murdoch’s yearslong ambition to take full ownership of the satellite service he helped found three de

Telecoms operators dial in to refugee markets

Nyarugusu on the border of Tanzania and Burundi, one of the largest refugee camps in the world, is an unlikely pioneer in how the telecoms industry views refugees.

In Beating Disney for Sky, Comcast Remains in the Game

Comcast and the Walt Disney Company have long been rivals. But Brian Roberts, who runs Comcast, has recently become the Magic Kingdom’s nemesis in chief.

The global race for 5G

Fight #1: The race to get 5G networks up and running, a three-way game among US, China, and South Korea. While the US may be technically first with 5G in a few places, China is spending significantly more and will likely be first with 5G en masse.

EU crackdown misses Big Tech targets

European laws and proposals meant to rein in tech giants are inadvertently empowering them.

The State of Broadband 2018: Broadband Catalyzing Sustainable Development

A growing number of governments now benchmark the status of broadband in their national broadband plans.

Microsoft Lays Out Cross-Border Data Access Principles

Microsoft is calling on governments to follow a set of principles for cross-border data access policies, including independent judicial review and dispute resolution mechanisms. Microsoft’s Sept.

European Union approves controversial internet copyright law, including ‘link tax’ and ‘upload filter’

The European Parliament voted on changes to the Copyright Directive, a piece of legislation intended to update copyright for the internet age.