Stories from Abroad

Since 2010, the Benton Foundation and the New America Foundation have partnered to highlight telecommunications debates from countries outside the U.S.

Investors urge companies to use Ranking Digital Rights’ Index to improve their respect for users’ digital rights

A group of investors has endorsed the Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) Corporate Accountability Index as an important tool for helping tech companies meet their human rights responsibilities and for helping investors identify digital rights risks.

Global universal internet access unlikely until at least 2050, experts say

Parts of the world will be excluded from the internet for decades to come without major efforts to boost education, online literacy and broadband infrastructure, experts have warned.

Google Nears Win in Europe Over ‘Right to Be Forgotten’

Google and other search engines shouldn’t be forced to apply the European Union’s “right to be forgotten” beyond the

Investing in Indigenous Connectivity Is an Investment in Our Future Online

The newly-released 2018 Indigenous Connectivity Summit (ICS) Community Report shows a strong correlation between Indigenous connectivity and the well-being and sustainability of rural and remote Indigenous communities, especially when solutions ar

Dozens of journalists were murdered in 2018. This is a crisis of press freedom.

In a year-end report, the Committee to Protect Journalists counted 53 journalists killed between Jan 1 and Dec 14, including 34 targeted in reprisal for their work — nearly double the 18 such murders it recorded in 2017. The growing number of jour

Inside Facebook’s Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech

In a glass conference room at its California headquarters, Facebook is taking on the bonfires of hate and misinformation it has helped fuel across the world, one post at a time.

Huawei Had a Deal to Give Washington Redskins Fans Free Wi-Fi, Until the Government Stepped In

Two years after a congressional report labeled Huawei Technologies Co a national-security threat, the Chinese firm unexpectedly scored a big-name ally in Washington. It was the Redskins, the capital’s National Football League franchise.

Chairman Pai Remarks at the Israel Business Conference 2018

Our two nations are connected by shared values and shared interests, and that is certainly true in the field of communications. Each of our governments is committed to connecting all of our citizens with what I like to call digital opportunity.

Effects of broadband availability on total factor productivity in service sector firms: Evidence from Ireland

While broadband is widely believed to augment productivity, there is little firm-level evidence of a generalised causal effect.

Broadband too slow in more than a quarter of UK homes

More than a quarter of UK homes do not have fast enough broadband to cope with a typical family’s internet needs. Just over 26% of the UK’s estimated 28 million households are getting by on speeds of less than 10Mbps, the level the media regulator