Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

White House shares doctored video to support punishment of journalist Jim Acosta

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders the night of Nov 7 shared a video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta that appeared to have been altered to make his actions at a news conference look more aggressive toward a White House intern.

“You’re a terrible person”: President Trump lashes out at CNN reporter at surreal press conference

During a press conference following Nov 6's midterm election, President Donald Trump escalated his ongoing war of words with CNN’s Jim Acosta. When Acosta asked President Trump about inflating the supposed threat to America from the caravan, he re

How the 'propaganda feedback loop' of right-wing media keeps more than a quarter of Americans siloed

Why is there so often no overlap, no resemblance whatsoever between the news events reported in mainstream print and broadcast coverage, and even on liberal outlets like MSNBC, and the topics that get broadcast as news on the Fox network and its f

Contract for the Web

The web was designed to bring people together and make knowledge freely available. Everyone has a role to play to ensure the web serves humanity.

Far-Right Internet Groups Listen for Trump’s Approval, and Often Hear It

As President Donald Trump and his allies have waged a fear-based campaign to drive Republican voters to the polls for the midterm elections, far-right internet communities have been buoyed as their once-fringe views have been given oxygen by promi

President Trump points at the media: You’re to blame for encouraging violence

On his way to campaign rallies in West Virginia and Indiana on Nov 2, President Donald Trump stopped to answer some questions from the media.

President Trump says supporters demand his red-hot rhetoric

President Donald Trump says railing against his enemies in the media helped him win — and that his supporters like him more when he cranks up the "enemy of the people" rhetoric.

‘When I can, I tell the truth’: President Trump pushes back against his peddling of falsehoods

President Donald Trump defended his proclivity to spread misleading statements and falsehoods, saying that he tells the truth when he can. “Well, I try. I do try...and I always want to tell the truth,” President Trump said.

The global threat of China’s digital authoritarianism

Officials in Beijing are providing governments around the world with technology and training that enable them to control their own citizens.

Poll: Majority blames both President Trump and media for dividing country

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted over the past fractious, violent week shows a majority of voters think that President Donald Trump has done more to divide the country than unite it since he took office in 2017 — but that the national