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Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

President Trump calls CNN's Acosta 'bad for the country'

President Donald Trump expressed hope the White House would defeat CNN in a lawsuit over his decision to suspend the press credentials of reporter Jim Acosta, whom he called “bad for the country." President Trump railed against Acosta, calling him

White House fires back at CNN lawsuit, claiming 'broad discretion' to yank reporter Jim Acosta's press pass

President Donald Trump and officials in his administration said that the decision to revoke CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta's press credential was "lawful," arguing the White House holds "broad discretion to regulate" access for journalis

CNN suit is an important and necessary defense of press freedom

When the government establishes an open forum for expressive activity, the First Amendment forbids it from selectively excluding speakers because of their viewpoints.

CNN sues President Trump, requesting that Jim Acosta's White House press pass be restored

CNN said that it is suing President Donald Trump and other administration officials over the decision to suspend the White House press credentials of correspondent Jim Acosta after a conflict at a news conference.

Democrats to probe President Trump for targeting CNN, Washington Post

House Democrats plan to investigate whether President Donald Trump abused White House power by targeting — and trying to punish with "instruments of state power" — the Washington Post and CNN, said incoming-House Intelligence Committee Chairman Ad

President Trump calls April Ryan a 'loser,' threatens to revoke more press credentials

President Donald Trump suggested he could pull press credentials from other reporters who don't show him "respect." The comments come two days after the president suspended the press pass of CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta after a c

Why the White House is pushing a doctored video

The “fake news” wars have reached a new peak. While the president continues to accuse journalists and his opponents of spreading “fake news,” evidence mounts of extensive right-wing disinformation efforts, many aimed at boosting President Doanld T

White House shares doctored video to support punishment of journalist Jim Acosta

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders the night of Nov 7 shared a video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta that appeared to have been altered to make his actions at a news conference look more aggressive toward a White House intern.

“You’re a terrible person”: President Trump lashes out at CNN reporter at surreal press conference

During a press conference following Nov 6's midterm election, President Donald Trump escalated his ongoing war of words with CNN’s Jim Acosta. When Acosta asked President Trump about inflating the supposed threat to America from the caravan, he re

How the 'propaganda feedback loop' of right-wing media keeps more than a quarter of Americans siloed

Why is there so often no overlap, no resemblance whatsoever between the news events reported in mainstream print and broadcast coverage, and even on liberal outlets like MSNBC, and the topics that get broadcast as news on the Fox network and its f