Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

The (Harlem) Shaky Grounds for Redaction Award

After repealing the Open Internet Order and ending net neutrality, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai doubled down on his efforts to ruin online culture.

President Trump Budget Request Seeks $150 Million for Tech Modernization Fund

President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2020 budget request seeks $150 million in new funding for the Technology Modernization Fund, which provides seed money to governmentwide IT projects that agencies are ultimately expected to pay back.

Chairmen Pallone, Doyle: FCC May Be Violating Federal Records Act

House Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr.

A world and web divided

A global reckoning around the future of the internet is underway as autocratic regimes look to censor the internet in their countries, and races to develop new internet technologies, such as blockchain and 5G, heat up between the US and China.

President Trump promises executive order that could strip colleges of funding if they don’t ‘support free speech’

A new executive order from the White House will aim to make federal research funding for colleges and universities contingent on their support for “free speech,” President Donald Trump said.

Lawsuits, Libel, and Lampooning: An Update on the War on the Press

President Donald Trump’s war on the press hasn’t stopped. This week, he praised a $250 million libel lawsuit against the Washington Post, got some support from a Supreme Court Justice to review the nation’s libel laws, and issued his sharpest word

President Trump Attacks The Times, in a Week of Unease for the American Press

Even by his standards, President Trump’s biting attacks on the press this week stand out.

New York Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger responded to President Trump’s continued attacks on a free press

America’s founders believed that a free press was essential to democracy because it is the foundation of an informed, engaged citizenry.

President Trump seeks to discredit news report that he sought ally to oversee hush money investigation

President Donald Trump sought to discredit a news report that says he asked his then-acting Attorney General Matthew G.

BBC Camera Operator Is Attacked at President Trump Rally

A supporter of President Donald Trump attacked a BBC camera operator during a presidential rally in El Paso (TX), the broadcaster said. The president was talking about a decline in attacks on African, Hispanic, and Asian-Americans when the cameram