Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

Twitter Stands by President Trump Amid Calls to Terminate His Account

Twitter will continue to be lenient with world leaders who appeared to violate its policies against violent speech because the company believes preserving those tweets served the public interest. “The accounts of world leaders are not above our po

Fox News Is Trump’s Chief TV Booster. So Why Is He Griping About It?

“Fox News is Trump’s Walter Cronkite,” said Anthony Scaramucci, who served briefly as Mr. Trump’s White House communications director — and has recently become a vocal critic. “Once he loses the majority of them, it’s over.

A Broken System Helped the FCC Kill Net Neutrality. It Afflicts the Whole Government.

It is clear that the online comment system at the Federal Communications Commission, and very likely other public agencies, is easily exploitable and likely broken to the point that it’s causing more harm than good.

Net Neutrality debate was riddled with millions of fake comments in the most prolific known instance of political impersonation in US history

A fierce battle over the regulation of the internet was riddled with millions of fake comments in the most prolific known instance of political impersonation in US history.

Tech Firms Need More Regulation

In contrast to prior technological eras—marked by inventions such as the railroad, telephone, automobile, and television—the age of digital technology has progressed for several decades with remarkably little regulation, or even self‑regulation.

US plans for fake social media run afoul of Facebook rules

Facebook said that the US Department of Homeland Security would be violating the company’s rules if agents create fake profiles to monitor the social media of foreigners seeking to enter the country.

President Trump, Weatherman: Dorian Updates and at Least 122 Tweets

Starting with his first tweet at 7:45 a.m. August 31, President Donald Trump delivered 122 tweets about Hurricane Dorian over the weekend.

Life in an Internet Shutdown: Crossing Borders for Email and Contraband SIM Cards

Internet shutdowns have become one of the defining tools of government repression in the 21st century in a growing number of countries, mainly in Asia and Africa, that are seeking to quash dissent.

President Trump turns up the volume with days of anti-media attacks

President Donald Trump has made a "war" on the press a central part of his presidency.

President Trump criticizes Fox, which 'isn't working for us anymore'

President Donald Trump tweeted that Fox News has become too hospitable to Democrats and "isn't working for us anymore," arguing his supporters "have to start looking for a new News Outlet." President Trump lashed out in a trio of tweets after a sp