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2020 Presidential candidate Sen Klobuchar wants to tax big tech companies' on data use

As privacy scandals mount at firms such as Facebook, Presidential candidate Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) is positioning her data tax as a way to make technology companies think twice about how they share and profit from users’ data. But implementing s

Facebook, Google and other big tech giants are about to face a “reckoning,” state attorneys general warn

Some of the country’s most influential state attorneys general are signaling they’re willing to take action against Facebook, Google and other tech giants, warning that the companies have grown too big and powerful -- and that Washington has been

FCC to auction off wireless spectrum that could interfere with vital weather data, rejecting requests from US House and science agencies

The Federal Communications Commission intends to move ahead with a plan to auction off wireless radio frequencies that scientists say could negatively impact critical satellite data used in weather forecasting.