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TikTok’s fate was shaped by a ‘knockdown, drag-out’ Oval Office brawl

As leaders in Silicon Valley, China and Washington raced to seal the fate of one of the world’s fastest-growing social media companies, a shouting match broke out in the Oval Office between two of President Trump’s top advisers. In front of President Donald Trump, trade adviser Peter Navarro, and other aides, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin began arguing that the Chinese-owned video-sharing service TikTok should be sold to a US company.

Trump’s flagrant assault on the First Amendment is disguised as a defense of it

President Donald Trump has sent a message to the Federal Communications Commission: Cross me for misusing my powers in this way, and you’ll be punished, too. The president wants Mike O’Rielly, his fellow FCC commissioners, and appointees across agencies to know what happens when they dare to put the rule of law first, just as the president wants Twitter, and Facebook, and all influential companies on the Internet or off to know how carefully they must tread with him in charge.

Congressional fight over funding for digital learning could leave behind as many as 15 million kids

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps many schools at least partially online, educators are scrambling to ensure both students and teachers can connect to the Internet. But so far the two parties can't agree on how to make that happen, potentially leaving more than 15 million children without a way to learn this fall.

Trump administration is crippling international Internet freedom effort by withholding funds, officials say

The Trump administration is withholding $20 million in funding approved by Congress for a US Internet freedom organization, forcing the cutoff of tools used by tens of millions of people worldwide to access the Internet and uncensored news through the Voice of America, officials said. Laura Cunningham, the head of the Washington-based Open Technology Fund, said that it is being forced to halt 49 of the fund’s 60 Internet freedom projects.