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White House questions tech giants on ways to predict shootings from social media

Top officials in the Trump administration expressed interest in tools that might anticipate mass shootings or predict attackers by scanning social media posts, photos and videos during a meeting with online platforms including Facebook, Google and

White House invites tech companies to discussion of violent online extremism

The White House will host top tech companies to discuss the rise of violent online extremism on Aug 9, marking the Trump administration’s first major engagement on the issue days after a mass shooting in TX left 22 people dead.

Social media experts are skeptical of President Trump's plan to fight gun violence online

Technology experts are skeptical of President Donald Trump’s call for Internet companies to work with law enforcement and the Justice Department to develop tools to detect mass shootings before they even happen.

President Trump accuses Google of anti-conservative bias without providing evidence

President Donald Trump accused Google of favoring negative news stories about him in the 2016 presidential election, apparently in response to a report on Fox News.