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Mainstream advertising is still showing up on polarizing and misleading sites — despite efforts to stop it

Online advertising systems regularly put mainstream ads alongside content from the political fringes — and dollars in the pockets of those producing polarizing and politically charged headlines. This mismatch of online content and ads, which digit

Everyone is suing everyone over net neutrality. Congress should step in.

The fight over net neutrality today can be reduced to a single sentence: Everyone is suing everyone else.

Facebook disclosed a major hack very quickly. But the alert was short on details.

It took just three days for Facebook to notify authorities and the public that hackers had compromised as many as 50 million user accounts on the social media platform. A swift response.

President Trump eliminates the middleman in his war against journalists

One component of the traditional relationship between the media and the president is that, when the president isn’t available to answer questions, his press secretary will do so.