Environmental Protection Agency Tests Future of Public Comments

Collecting public comment on federal rules might get a little easier. An Environmental Protection Agency pilot lets citizens comment on specific paragraphs of proposed rules instead of submitting them via e-mail or in a separate text box.

Time to Stop Hitting the Cyber Snooze Button on US Infrastructure

[Commentary] Power grids have proven to be vulnerable to cyber terrorists.

Professionals Across the Globe Agree: Government Don't Invest Enough In Cyber

A global lack of cybersecurity talent could make nations more vulnerable to cyberattack, and governments aren't doing enough to fill that gap, a new report finds.

Should Secret Service Protect Emails of Future Presidents?

Maybe it's time the Secret Service starts cracking down on the computer security of presidential candidates, in addition to their physical security, some private cyber investigators say, after a leak of Democratic party files right before the nomi

Why Federal Agencies Won't Take Up the Internet of Things Anytime Soon

Public spending on sensor technology might be up, but Internet of things enthusiasts shouldn’t get too excited about a futuristic, hyperconnected government.

Under Further Scrutiny, Obamacare Website Gets CEO

Kevin Counihan has been named the first CEO of, which serves residents of states that opted not to create their own online insurance marketplaces.

Will Courts Move Clear the Way to Mass Government Hacking?

US courts are moving forward with a plan federal agencies say is needed to track down potential terrorists hiding out on the Internet but privacy advocates say would give the FBI wide latitude to hack into people's computers.

Nuke Regulator Hacked By Suspected Foreign Powers

Nuclear Regulatory Commission computers within the past three years were successfully hacked by foreigners twice and also by an unidentifiable individual, according to an internal investigation.

House Approves Stronger Cyber Protections For Critical Infrastructure

Two bills to strengthen cybersecurity in the systems that underlie the nation’s energy, water and food supplies passed the House, along with a measure to improve the federal government's cyber workforce.

We're No. 7!: US Drops Two Spots In E-Government Rankings

Despite moves by the Obama Administration toward digital transparency and open data, the US government now ranks seventh worldwide in e-government, down two spots since 2012, according to a United Nations report on the matter.