Why Does The Air Force Spend Twice As Much To Hack Than To Deflect Threats?

The House approved legislation that breaks out $13.4 million for Air Force cyberattack operations and $5.6 million for efforts to defend the service's networks.

DHS Cyber Workforce Legislation Advances

The Homeland Security Department would receive additional hiring and compensation authorities for cybersecurity professionals under new legislation introduced and approved by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Feds Could Save $20 Billion with Better It Infrastructure Initiatives, Study Finds

Perhaps data center consolidation, virtualization, cloud computing, remote access and infrastructure diversification aren’t the sexiest terms in the federal repertoire, but they do hold the keys to as much as $20 billion in annual savings, accordi

Women Are Still Scarce In It Leadership Roles

The proportion of women in information technology leadership positions has moved little over the past decade, and that statistic may even be trending downward, a new study suggests.

Survey: Abuse Of Network Access Privileges Is Rampant

Agencies are more concerned about insiders leaking citizens’ and partner organizations’ information than their own general business information, according to a new survey by the Ponemon Institute.

Heartbleed Superbug Found In Utility Monitoring Systems

Software that monitors utility plants and other operations at several military installations has been found to be affected by the recently discovered superbug Heartbleed, when configured a certain way, according to the Homeland Security Department

Agencies Often Don’t Answer Questions They Get Via Social Media, Survey Finds

Agencies only answer 72 percent of the questions citizens ask via social media, according to a new survey.

Lawmakers Say Favored Nsa Reform Bill Doesn’t Go Far Enough

A group of lawmakers concerned about weaknesses in the most popular surveillance reform bill circulating on Capitol Hill wants to insert an amendment that would bar the National Security Agency from weakening encryption standards or exploiting lar

NIST: Don’t Make Security an Afterthought

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the government's standards-making body, announced guidelines for agency technologists and industry engineers on how to bake security into critical systems.

Not Everyone Loves The DATA Act

If President Barack Obama puts his expected signature on the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, agencies will begin actualizing what has been called everything from “transformative” to a 21st-century tool to “revolutionize federal spendi