Here’s a New Playbook for Municipal Civic Tech Projects

Next Century Cities released a playbook on tech-powered civic engagement detailing lessons learned over the past year among its three Benton Next Generation Engagement Award winners: Austin (TX), Louisville (KY) and Raleigh (NC).

House Passes IT Modernization Bill

Next stop for Rep. Will Hurd’s Modernizing Government Technology Act: the Senate.

Is President Trump Eliminating the White House Science and Tech Office?

President Donald Trump has yet to fill many key science and technology positions at the White House, and it's not clear when he will. Under President Barack Obama, the White House chief technology officer's staff included about 24 people.

President Trump has a new innovation office. It's unclear what that means for 18F and USDS

President Donald Trump has created a new White House office dedicated to bringing private sector tech practices to the government.

It's Possible to Cut Legacy Spending. Here's How the FCC Did It.

In recent years, legacy IT has shaped up to be one of the government’s biggest tech challenges. There’s a reason the legacy tech challenge is so widespread across government: Modernizing is hard and can be expensive.

What President Trump's Skinny Budget Says About Cybersecurity

President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget blueprint touts major investments in cybersecurity, including a $61 million hike to help the FBI and the Justice Department combat criminals and terrorists’ use of encrypted communication tools.