Increasing Broadband Access? It All Comes Down to Poles

[Commentary] It may come as a surprise to city leaders that one of the biggest barriers to bringing high-speed fiber internet to your community and ensuring your residents can tap the power of next-generation internet is as simple as the utility p

The Information War Has Begun

[Commentary] We’ve built an information ecosystem where information can fly through social networks (both technical and personal). Folks keep looking to the architects of technical networks to solve the problem.

The New FCC Chairman Could End Net Neutrality

[Commentary] If Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai does try to unwind network neutrality, which has already been upheld in court, it would be a drawn-out process, as was implementing it in the first place.

Facebook Live Is the Right Wing’s New Fox News

Facebook Live might well be Mark Zuckerberg’s gift to right-wing-news—a medium designed to be low-key and at home in your News Feed, with a potential reach in the millions.

Who Is Killing the Towns of Western Massachusetts?

[Commentary] This is the story of a dramatic failure of imagination and vision at the state level: Gov Charlie Baker’s (R-MA) apparent insistence that Massachusetts relegate small towns to second-rate, high-priced, monopoly-controlled (and unregul

The Early History of the FCC Doesn’t Provide a Basis for Regulating Facebook and Google Now

[Commentary] In the early days of the Federal Communications Commission, monopolies were encouraged, and the public interest mandate worked alongside that market structure.

Six Cyber Diplomacy Milestones of 2016

[Commentary] Five years ago the Office of the Coordinator for Cyber Issues was created to promote the US vision for an open, interoperable, secure, and reliable Internet where all stakeholders can experience its economic and social benefits.

Did Media Literacy Backfire?

[Commentary] In the United States, we’re moving towards tribalism, and we’re undoing the social fabric of our country through polarization, distrust, and self-segregation.

For new infrastructure, apply Republican approach to power and communications

[Commentary] The incoming Trump administration and the new Republican Congress seem interested in providing tax advantages and new debt availability for infrastructure spending. But project developers will need revenue to pay off debt.

End in Sight for FCC War on Free?

[Commentary] In recent weeks, the Federal Communications Commission’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has drawn concern from virtually all corners with its increasingly sharp critiques of innovative offerings that allow U.S.