Justice Alito, State Tax Hero?

[Commentary]  I had been waiting with bated breath for the Supreme Court’s decision in Murphy v. NCAA.

The Time to Get the Net Neutrality Rules Back is Now

[Commentary] The best and fastest vehicle for bringing back the vital protections of net neutrality resides in both houses of Congress.

Paid Prioritization: Leaving Startups in the Slow Lane

[Commentary] Internet service providers would like you to think there’s broad agreement on net neutrality because everyone agrees cable companies shouldn’t block or slow access to websites and online services.

AT&T’s Flawed Arbitration Proposal

[Commentary] Recently, US District Judge Richard Leon raised the question of whether an arbitration condition would be enough to address the potential harms from the AT&T-Time Warner merger. This proposal would create a mechanism where both si

Building America’s 21st Century Broadband Infrastructure: It’s Time We All Got Connected.

[Commentary] The week of Jan 8, after President Donald Trump signed two significant executive orders on improving broadband infrastructure, members of the House Communications Subcommittee introduced four resolutions laying out our principles for

Taming monopolies in the digital age

[Commentary] Our nation has faced the corrosive power of monopolies before.