Election day: Only Josh Silver won

[Commentary] Josh Silver is the president of Represent.US. I’ve been an advisor and supporter of Represent.US, but I’ve not been engaged in the campaign they waged in this election cycle.

Let’s not forget about communities of color in the AT&T/Time Warner debates

[Commentary] Insights from the subfield of media sociology highlight the intersecting dynamics (and institutions) which perpetuate racial inequalities within the media landscape.

Our Civic Duty as Techies

[Commentary] There’s a huge opportunity for far more technologists to improve the way government serves Americans everywhere. To make vital services like healthcare and benefits more accessible for millions.

The AT&T-Time Warner Merger Must Be Stopped

[Commentary] There is zero reason for the Department of Justice or the Federal Communications Commission — who will pool their resources to examine this deal — to approve the AT&T-Time Warner transaction.

Why I’m Joining the Technology Transformation Service

[Commentary] I believe the Technology Transformation Service has an unprecedented chance to dramatically improve the way we all interact with our government.

Reject the AT&T-Time Warner Merger

[Commentary] Dear Acting Assistant Attorney General Hesse:

What Oct 21’s Internet Shut Down Really Means

[Commentary] When a slew of websites couldn’t be reached Oct 21, suddenly people across the US started paying attention to the Internet of Things.

Forging the Fiber Future

[Commentary] It is absolutely essential that the next administration work with Congress and local government leaders to get fiber policy right.

A Technology and Innovation Agenda for 2017

[Commentary] In the software industry, programmers continuously revisit a program to clean it up, debug sections, and simplify the lines of code. We need to do the same for government. We need to debug the bureaucracy.

How Trumpism Threatens Silicon Valley

[Commentary] Peter Thiel’s $1.25 million contribution to Donald Trump — Silicon Valley’s most conspicuous political act in this campaign — is a high-profile glitch; an aberration that emits a distorted signal about the tech industry’s true place a