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Racial Justice Leaders Mark the Two-Year Anniversary of the Net Neutrality Rules

Feb 26 was the two-year anniversary of the FCC’s Open Internet Order, the monumental victory that enshrined Net Neutrality principles in strong rules backed by Title II legal authority.

Donald Trump's FCC Chairman Spreads More Alternative Facts About Net Neutrality

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai Ajit wants people to believe that he’s a champion for more open and affordable broadband. The actions he’s taken since becoming chairman last month show he’s anything but.

The FBI's New FOIA Policy Is a Big Step Backward

As of March 1, the FBI will no longer accept Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests via e-mail. Anyone seeking public records from the FBI will have to use a new online portal — or send requests via fax or snail mail.

Nearly 200,000 People Urge the FCC to Protect Network Neutrality

On Valentine’s Day, tens of thousands of Free Press members sent out love letters to the open internet that described why they need network neutrality. On Feb 23 we delivered these messages to the Federal Communications Commission.

Dozens of Digital Inclusion Groups Urge FCC to Support Internet ‘Lifeline’ for Low-Income Families

Nearly 40 civil rights, social justice, labor and digital inclusion groups sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission urging the agency to reverse its decision that undermined the Lifeline Program.

For Chairman Pai, Closing the Digital Divide Is Code for More Tax Breaks for Huge ISPs

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai thinks he can set the record straight with more crooked words and made-up numbers.

New FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Is Off to an Orwellian Start

Newly minted Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai took a page out of President Trump’s playbook and issued his own version of executive orders to undercut affordable broadband, greenlight more media consolidation and endanger key pr

The Assault on Freedom of Speech Has Begun at the Border

Last August Free Press wrote about a new rule that allows Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) greater leeway to check the social media accounts of certain visitors as they enter the United States.

Are Police Biased Against Independent Journalists?

On Inauguration Day, police arrested six journalists who were covering protests in Washington (DC).

Free Press Tells New FCC Leadership That Affordability Is the Key to Bridging the Digital Divide

Free Press delivered a letter to the Federal Communications Commission urging the agency’s new leadership to take serious strides toward closing the digital divide by making broadband more affordable.