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Sen John Kennedy Could Be the Internet's Hero

As Congress considers a measure that would overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s vote that destroyed Network Neutrality and put the internet’s entire future at risk, all eyes are on Sen John Kennedy (R-LA).

The Communications Crisis in Puerto Rico

[Commentary] The ability to speak and be heard is a basic human right. And the ability to communicate during a disaster is a life-and-death issue. But both are often denied to people of color. This has been the case in Puerto Rico.

What's Next for Net Neutrality in Congress and the Courts

[Commentary] With each congressional office getting thousands of calls for Network Neutrality and close to zero supporting Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai — and with Net Neutrality looking like a real issue in the 2018 election

Free Press Among First to Take FCC to Court for Unpopular and Unjustified Net Neutrality Decision

Free Press filed a petition for review of the Federal Communications Commission’s unpopular Dec.

Our Chance to Rein in Government Surveillance

In response to the massive outcry from people like you, we have a last-ditch effort for real, robust surveillance reform. But this won’t happen unless we continue to make a lot of noise.

We're Suing the FCC. Here's How It Works.

How soon can you win a legal victory and end this nightmare? The soonest Free Press can file in court is after the order is published, either by the Federal Communications Commission itself or in that Federal Register.